Thursday, 28 January 2016

Headphones in The Hut and Cello in The Club... Part 1

It really is only day four of my Canadian adventure, yet I feel more settled than ever here in Banff!

There is nothing quite like starting your day with a hearty breakfast, bottomless cups of Canadian coffee, and watching the sunrise over the Rocky Mountains... I still have to pinch myself to be sure it's real! Tuesday provided a good chance to settle into my hut, which is now covered in leads, headphones, cables, and scraps of paper with weird and whacky thoughts and ideas on them... I'm definitely starting to find my working rhythm, if you'll pardon the pun!

On Tuesday I also decided to embrace the full Banff Centre experience by attending my first ever yoga class. Those of you that know my good friend Barbara (DVD yoga goddess, bendy lady, all round legend) will be able to imagine that, up until Tuesday, my experience of yoga had been very gentle, not too taxing, with ample opportunity to take an easier option if necessary... so I was in for a shock when I rocked up at Flow Yoga at 12pm! The class was really well attended, mostly by people that work here I think, and by very stretchy people that know their pose of a child from their pose of a swan..! Needless to say, I spent most of the hour straining my neck, trying to make out which arm should be holding which ankle whilst balancing on which leg and looking in which direction!? The part of the session I feel I achieved very well was the lying on the floor at the end - I think I've got that down! Joking aside, my body felt amazing afterwards, and I felt so grounded and energised when I then played my cello. I am looking forward to going back again, but have had to wait a few days, as I am walking a little like I've lost my horse..!

The big news is that I have been a part of a couple of singer/songwriter collaborations. On Tuesday, I recorded some cello lines for Justine, which was a great experience. I always find recording to be such a different discipline.. and really challenging - but it was great fun! After that, Justine and I had a fab jam in her hut, and we spontaneously decided to make a YouTube video, which meant hamming up the hut with mood lamps etc! Great fun!

Other news on Tuesday was that we all received an email warning us to stay away Tunnel Mountain, which is very close to campus. We were told there was a "cougar on a carcass" and that there would be a $25,000 fine for going there...! We weren't too sure which part of that message was the scariest part! Apparently cougars will eat humans... enough said!

I also learnt on Tuesday that if you say "cellotape" in Canada, you may be greeted with a blank stare... it's "Scotch tape" (which makes a lot of sense actually)... just a little titbit for y'all!

Pics and part 2 to follow later..............

P x

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