Monday, 25 January 2016

Day 1 - Breakfast buffets, sharing circles and new names!

Today has been all about meeting my fellow musicians, getting my bearings and setting up my studio for the next three weeks - music hut number 6! (Pics to follow...) After a beautiful buffet breakfast in an aptly named Vistas dining hall, the day was sure to be a winner! The Banff Centre is literally framed by snowy mountains and today the sky was blue to perfection. But by far the best part of the first day here has been meeting all of the other musicians and artists. We began with a Monday Roundtable meeting, where we moved round the circle, each introducing ourselves and our projects. Not only is everyone incredibly friendly and each pursuing such interesting projects, they all seem so open and willing to collaborate, talk about their ideas and try new things...

I already have a couple of collaborations in the pipeline - one with a Canadian singer/songwriter and the other with some fellow keen improvisers on recorders, oud, voice and loop pedals! I can't wait to see/hear the resulting sounds!

We each have our own music hut, which is our ow space in which to create/play/be, so I spent a few hours setting things up and getting Mr Cello accustomed to his new surroundings and climate - and he is so far, so good... touch wood!?

We finished up this evening with an incredibly inspiring informal performance by a fantastic pianist/composer/sound artist called Jess. Her set was full of amazing new sounds from the piano, which was wired up, amplified and looped, and her work was also really witty and bursting with personality, with one piece sampling spam emails! So creative, and the atmosphere was so supportive too - such a productive, positive environment to be in!

Here are a few pics to wet your appetite...

P x

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